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Prescription for Happiness

“There is no medicine like happiness, except maybe laughter.” -Hugh Laurie as Gregory House, M.D.

What causes happiness?

Happiness is a feeling. Some people are prone to severe fits of happiness while others search their lives endlessly for that feeling. Then again, psychologists argue that happiness is a psychological state of being caused by the release of various chemicals in the brain.

What exactly causes this state?

When I was five years old, I would tell you that happiness is taking a trip to Walt Disney World. When I was 17, I would have said that happiness was dependent on whether or not I had a date to a dance or if people accepted me. At 20, I would say that happiness would be dependent on the job I wanted to get or how many parties I would go to.

At 23, I would tell you that happiness is a trip to Walt Disney World, at least partially.

Happiness is both a feeling and a state of being. It’s easily explained and yet one of the most complicated things that people have to deal with in life. People are constantly in pursuit of happiness. But you know what the secret it is?

Happiness is inside of us, we don’t have to go look for it.

The first step to knowing that you can be happy, is by releasing the need to control everything that goes on in your life. Less stress makes for a very happy person. Lets examine three types of unhappy people and resolve on how to make these people happier and healthier.

1) The Job Seeker

Some people search eternally for the perfect job. People will move all over the country and put themselves in terrible situations just to get ahead. They’ll head off because they are sick of being at home and don’t want to be held back. Now, while I agree that not taking opportunities is, in fact, very stupid, doing it because you think you will be happier is, in fact, very stupid. Because at the first sign of trouble, you won’t be happy. Typically speaking, people that are constantly searching for something they won’t ever find crack terribly under pressure. If one cannot be happy where there at while still striving for more, then one will always be unhappy. If you’re constantly striving for more, even when you get to where you want to go, it means nothing if you can’t be happy where you’re at.

2) The Attacker

Some people spend their lives being nosey. In a sense, they live vicariously through other people, whether it be their woes or triumphs. When one person has an opinion that they disagree with, they seize that opportunity to counteract the opinion. When challenged, they attack the opposition because they were convinced they are right. If it was merely idle banter, then that’s not someone who is happy. Someone who is happy doesn’t particularly care. If it’s factual error, then perhaps conversation would be beneficial. My opinions for example are merely mine. In fact you, my reader, may disagree with every single word I have ever typed onto this blog. But happiness is me continuing to blog anyway. Happiness is me not caring that you disagree. Some people, aren’t like that. And it is quite sad. I post things on Facebook as well, sometimes merely to express my opinion or to spark intellectual conversation. I cannot count the times someone has told me I am wrong and if I defend what I say, they still tell me that I am. Happiness…..I don’t care what people say about me. I don’t care when people challenge me. The only thing I care about is when they falsely accuse me. That is the only thing I stand up for or give people the time of day for.

3) The Person that can’t let go

I have encountered multiple types of people in my life and one of my favorites to deal with are the people that can’t let go. This especially takes precedence in relationships. Everyone at some point in life falls in love with someone that they will ultimately break up with.  Then happiness becomes somewhat non-existent until he or she meets someone knew. Then that old flame becomes a distant memory…..Or at least it should. There are always those few people that try so hard to be happy with their new flame that never actually become happy. What’s the tell-tale sign of their unhappiness? Oh, it’s simple. When the old flame moves on with someone new, the unhappy person becomes angry at the old flame for doing so. They may even attack the new flame. It’s ironic because if he or she is supposed to be happy with the new flame, then he or she would not be so upset at their old flame. In fact, the old flame’s happiness shouldn’t even be of concern.

There are more types of people that aren’t happy in the world. I haven’t met every type of unhappy person but I am sure that I fully will meet every single type of unhappy person.

I’m not a doctor, but I have a prescription for everyone for happiness: realize that happiness is dependent on you, not on other people. Happiness is dependent on you as you are now, not the you that you see in the future. Happiness is dependent on what you decide to let go of, not the things you hold on to.

Be happy.

Oh. And go to Disney World.