Online Photo Portfolio

Realistically, I have been holding a camera since I was roughly a year old. My mom is a professional portrait photographer in the area we live in. I started in the darkroom, unlike most of the newbie photographers I see of this era. I remember sitting and watching my mom mixing developer to create images. I remember that cranking sound that was on my first winding, 35mm camera. I can still hear the noises of the camera rewinding, indicating we reached the end of the roll, and I had to change to another. I miss that sound. With the new, digital age, it has been interesting to transition from my world of 35mm to digital, a badge of honor if you ask me. When I think of REAL photography, I think of panicking if you got the perfect shot. I think of the despair waiting for the film to develop in the slight chance it never did. I think of sitting in that darkroom. My first real experience with legitimate digital photography is credited to Comm 269 at Penn State University, University Park with Professor Beale.  I took the class as an elective my senior year, and despite not initially knowing what I was doing, I managed to grow as a student and learn the ropes of photojournalism. I shot with the Nikon D90 and had to learn how to use a variety of lenses in the process. It made my interest in photography grow to new heights. I guess you could say that all of that has come to this moment in time. I got a Nikon D5100 for Christmas 2012 with the Nikon AF-S 18-55mm lens and the Nikon AF-S 55-200mm lens. Ever since, I have been snapping and I haven’t looked back. In February of 2015, I upgraded to a full frame setup with my Nikon D610. I’ve also expanded my lenses with my Nifty 50, 40mm, and 70-300mm AF-S❤❤❤          


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