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God Save The States

When people think of America, they are supposed to think of a land of opportunity. America was once the land where people fled to to escape the hardships of their countries.

And now, America is a land of entitlement.

Unless you live under a rock, you know that July 22, 2013 marked the addition of the Royal Baby in England. As I was browsing Facebook yesterday, and was working at my job, I noticed that while I was excited for this historic moment that a lot of people weren’t.  Many people said, “This is America and that’s not American.” Others said, “That baby isn’t any more special than mine.”

Well then.

I read the arrogance; because deep down,  dissing the birth of a child is nothing more than selfish and arrogant. I examined the words and the people that came into the bar that told me I was not American for watching this news. I responded to them with, “If you define being American as being so ignorant that you cannot appreciate or acknowledge the entire planet, then I feel sorry for you. This planet is far more than the United States,  which is a country in turmoil and owned by China.”

So is this what this country has become? A land that is so self-engrossed that it whines about the birth of a child? The Royal family is loved for the reasons it is hated; it’s rooted in tradition and it embraces its people. Not another single leader in the world besides the Pope has the devotion from its people that the Royal Family has. You don’t see people falling over President Obama, that is for sure. People ask why did the Duke and Duchess appear today to the people. Tradition.  And that’s what sets that country apart and above this one. Their people love and respect them because they legitimately show a concern and love their people.

I mean, Lord, just today the news says of another mayor, Weiner, in New York getting in trouble for sexting. You don’t see the royals acting like that, do you?

American entitlement and ignorance. It’s a growing problem and has been for centuries. It doesn’t matter if you’re Chinese, black, Latin or white; this country teaches you to be entitled.

And it’s a damn shame.

Racism is in existence because of entitlement. Racism isn’t about the color of people’s skin; it’s about attitudes.  I am reminded of a time in college at Penn State University when I attended a race relations seminar. As someone who is biracial, people were interested in what I had to say. They were shocked as well because I told them the truth:

I experienced more black hatred from my black father and his family then I did from my white mother.

Shocking? No. It’s not. That’s what racism is all about; allowing your cultural hangups to define your life. I didn’t know there was racial hatred until my father pointed out that there was a skin color difference. Up until then I thought everyone was the same; it was he that made the distinction that he was different. In this same seminar I sat down with a young, black female that was from Africa. She told me of her problems with the African Americans at the school because they told her she wasn’t black enough.

Crazy right? She’s from Africa and they don’t consider her black.

The reason:

She spoke proper English and not ebonics.

Again we have arrogance.  Ebonics doesn’t make you black, and neither does proper English speaking make you not black. Its things like these that make people hate each other. There is no proper way for a race to act; people should not be entitled.  If you want to speak ebonics then fine, but it doesn’t make you black, it makes you sound uneducated. And you know that stereotype that black people love fried chicken? They aren’t frying chickens in Africa;  that’s an American thing. African nations were largely a part of England, so stop saying “This is how my people talk” because thats how American black people think they’re supposed to talk.

It all goes hand in hand and these are just a few examples of how this pathetic country has allowed this to exist because of refusing to educate its people. You work for something; you aren’t entitled to anything.

Racism will end when the arrogance ends. Racism will end when entitlement ends.

Arrogance will end when people stop being ignorant to the other countries of the world.

We have one planet and America is well on its arrogant way to ruining the whole planet with its entitlement.

Stop being selfish and start being proactive.  Remember Princess Diana? People loved her and she worked for the people. She helped as many people as she could and her son William is well on his way to following in her footsteps.

Try some of that. And then maybe this country can rebound to the land of the free instead of the land of the entitled.