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What’s Equality?

I’m opinionated. I know this. So if this offends you, well. It happens.

So. I have this problem. I care about equality for all human beings right….I do. I believe we are all equal and made in God’s image. Okay. So. The government has a certain degree of say in things. Gotcha. And people follow suit. Well. Here is some things to consider about Barack Obama…All things I gathered from speeches and Twitter. He uses pictures to tweet messages

Before Barack Obama became re-elected, he was all for women. Women’s health. Women this. Women that. Good. Okay. Well. I’m a woman, and I don’t have health insurance and when I apply, I have gotten denied. And the prices of most plans to cover what I need are so astronomically high that I would need to spend about $300 dollars to get what I need. On his Twitter feed, there are about six or so photographs related to women’s health, and those were all before he got elected. There’s virtually nothing about healthcare on there. Basically because he’s done nothing but ruin it for me and other people I know. So. I’ve seen no change that was promised. The current minuscule health plan that I do have has seen such a decline in coverage that all it covers is one gyno appointment and my birth control. It doesn’t cover if I get sick or need an antibiotic. It covers one gyno appointment and birth control.

I saw one violence against women picture, perhaps two. But no more that two. And that was before the election. I thought for sure with the Steubenville Rape and Rape culture we live in that he would have posted something. But, sadly, not a damn thing came out of his mouth about this rape case or what can be done to stop things like this from happening. Mmkay. So I was mad about that. Nothing about it on his twitter page at all.

About ten were devoted to the military, merely thanking them for their service.  Nothing about how they don’t get taken care of after they have served the country. The veterans health benefits aren’t that great. In fact before my grandpa passed away he saw such a decline in his health coverage that he ran out of benefits and had to wait until the first of the year to get medication he needed. Again, and insurance issue. A good amount of veterans are unemployed. But. that’s not something I hear about every day on his twitter page.

Gun control took up about 100 photos on the president’s Twitter feed. About facts of gun violence. How everyone should have a right to be involved with the gun debate. Okay. Well. It’s an issue because you’re making it one and you haven’t actually accomplished anything. Everyone knows how I feel about guns. I think the laws are pointless because they can’t stop criminals anyway. About 100 photos were devoted to gay marriage. Which, okay. Fine. I get it. People want gays to marry. Gays want equal opportunity to marry. Go for it.

My problem is the inequality of the seriousness of these issues. It infuriates me that he can focus on what is convenient for him. Two hundred pictures tweeted and devoted to guns and gay marriage. Ten tweets devoted to veterans. A couple of tweets devoted to violence toward women.

Do we see an unequal pattern here?


I want health insurance. That’s a basic human right just like loving someone. And I can’t get it because I either can’t afford it or they give me a “get well soon card” I mean, have any of you actually priced health insurance for yourselves? IT’S INSANE NOW. I feel like it’s a basic human right to feel safe and not have rapists able to get minimum sentences for their crimes. I feel like that’s a basic human right too.

I want equality for everyone. Every single person in the world. I think we need to weigh all of these issues. Seriously. I think they are all issues that need to be dealt with. I saw nothing but green for the Newtown shooting and I see all red today to support gay marriage.

So are we going to put up a color for the rape victims and women’s violence? How about the millions of uninsured American people? How about the veterans that don’t get paid nearly enough or get the care they deserve?

We need to make everything a priority. And this includes the president who as of late only focuses on guns and gay marriage. I’m not saying he shouldn’t, but there are many other things to focus on as well. Focus on the fact that some people think rape is okay. Focus on the fact that your healthcare plan isn’t helping everyone and is costing a crap ton of money. Focus on those things too. That’s all I want. There is entirely too much hate in the world to not care about all of the issues. I mean, God, My hometown has to bury a Marine this Thursday. His name was LCPL Josh Martino. There have been rumors that the Westboro Baptist Church will be coming to picket his funeral. This world is full of hate! We need to stop all of it! We need you, Mr. President to make some decisions.

Because, quite frankly Mr. President, I don’t feel very “equal” to a lot of people right now.

RIP to LCPL Josh Martino and those other Marines that died last week. Semper Fi. May peace come to your families.


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