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An Open Letter to the Government of the United States

Dear President Obama and the government of the United States,
My name is Alexandria (Ali) Prescott. I graduated college from Penn State University in May of 2011 with a Bachelor’s in Journalism. I pay my student loan back on time every month, even when bills are tight. I do not have a job in my field, though I do have a job bartending at the bar my mom owns. This means that I live off of the tips that customers give me; sometimes I get tipped well, but sometimes I also get tipped nothing at all. Companies constantly tell me that I do not have enough experience and that is why I have not been hired. I live with my mom, boyfriend, little sister, two dogs and one cat. We all work hard to make ends meet. I don’t have health insurance because I can’t afford it and I am trying to qualify for medical assistance. I have a lot of health issues right now that are progressively getting worse because I cannot get them taken care of. The insurance I was on kicked me off when I turned 21 and put me on this other insurance for “female only” problems. And since the new Obamacare proposals, I have seen such a decrease in my coverage that even my doctors and pharmacists cannot keep up.

I am writing this because I have one question: why? Why did I have to pay for my education when people sitting in prison get free education? You keep saying that children need to be educated, but yet, you freely educate criminals and make college kids have to pay back their loans. Why don’t I have insurance when people sitting in prison and jail get taken care of? Why does the government give drug addicts the ability to “get back on their feet” but it doesn’t afford that opportunity to people like me? Why are people like me working to “spread the wealth” when we are struggling on a day-to-day basis to make ends meet? Why do I see people in Sheetz using their ACCESS cards to buy cigarettes and specialty coffee? Why do so many people cheat the system and you don’t catch on? How can someone be on disability, have a job, collect food stamps and welfare all at the same time? How can drug addicts get put into programs where they get free housing and healthcare? And they do, because my father is one of them.

Why government? Why are you ripping this country apart by punishing the people who work hard to make it a great nation? Why is all this fairness you speak of fair to no one at all?


I used to be proud to be an American and now I’m not sure what it even means to be an American in this day and age.

And you wonder why people go crazy and kill other people. Well.

I think I found your answer, and it’s you, government, that is driving this nation of greatness to a nation of shambles.

Ali Prescott


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