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Assault Rifles: To Ban or Not to Ban

Someone once said that in order to conquer a nation, one must first disarm its citizens. I don’t know exactly who said it because there isn’t solidification anywhere, but nonetheless the quote holds true still today.

This brings into play the proposed gun legislation that President Obama would like to put in to effect.

I feel for the president because I most certainly would not want to be in his position. I feel whether or not he made this decision would have been a lose-lose situation for him. However, nonetheless I will say that I do not agree with his ban on the selling of assault weapons.

America is a land of opportunity. We love our second amendment like we love Old Glory. Many people feel like their rights are being infringed upon by this proposed ban. Some of these people include prior military personnel and gun enthusiasts. They feel that they should not be held responsible for the actions of a few other people, especially when those people were mentally disturbed.

Let’s look at the facts: America has the most gun murders of every country in the world. However (sources for the following come from Wikipedia and can be viewed here. It also appeared on other sites, but cumulatively came from Wikipedia):


The US had 14,738 total homicides last year. With that statistic, we had the most violent gun crime rate.

Brazil had 40,974 homicides last year
India had 40,752 homicides last year
Mexico had 25,757 homicides last year
Ethiopia had 20,239 homicides last year
Indonesia had 18,963 homicides last year
Nigeria had 18,422 homicides last year
South Africa had 15,940 homicides last year

So, we have the highest amount of gun killings, but we are still killing less that the rest of the world. Africa as a continent had 169,000 homicides last year. Central and South America had 130,000 homicides last year.

And there sits the USA, with 14,738

The common denominator here is people, not access to an AR-15 or AK47. That homicide rate listed above fails to even compare to the brutal murders in other parts of the world. And that statistic includes our “Most Violent Gun Country” title. The problem is a lack of humanity, not access to weaponry. Say of those nearly 41,000 Brazilians that 10,000 of them were killed by guns. That still leaves 31,000 other people killed in other ways. I can think of a few weapons to kill someone: knife, rope, poison, rock, vine.

30,000 people

The United States crime rate also has been steadily declining over the years as well, despite the gun issue. The crime rate in Honduras is 91.6, the crime rate in the United States is 4.8. People say that guns need to be taken off the streets as soon as possible to ensure safety. When is the last time any criminal has cared about laws and rules? I’m pretty sure that they don’t. Criminals will still be able to get assault rifles on the black market; that much you can be sure of. And then no self-respecting citizen will be able to protect themselves from someone who does have and assault rifle.

There is no correct solution for this, but in order to be fair, I feel that if the average American citizen cannot have access to an assault rifle, no one should; that includes the secret service, CIA, FBI and various other government bureaus. This includes the president and his family. I feel that the president should not be protected by bodyguards with assault rifles if he feels they are so detrimental to society. His secret service that protects him and his family should not be afforded a privilege of being protected by an assault rifle if all of America isn’t either. That is the only way I feel that law would ever be truly fair. The only people who would then be allowed to use those weapons are those in the military that are currently serving. The mass shooting that have happened are truly terrible, but this is not the solution for the problems. I could list many more viable options:

a) Arm the teachers in schools, or at least have the school guarded by an armed police person. If a killer would happen to get in, someone should be armed and ready to take that person down.
b) Perform psych evaluations on people who are trying to buy guns that seem like they could be a threat
c) Make gun safes essential in homes, perhaps lower the price of them so that guns can be locked up more easily
d) Parents need to teach their kids gun safety if they have guns around. Teach them that guns are not toys

These are just a few options. However, one thing cannot be denied: If someone wants to kill another person, they will find a means of doing it. The same week the Sandy Hook Massacre happened, a man entered a school in China and stabbed 20 people. Yes, a knife.

People need help, and they need it fast. And taking away a responsible person’s weapon isn’t going to help anyone.

Focus on mental health, focus on people.

Because the day an AR-15 can hop over a fence on its own and shoot a bunch of children is day that I do not want to be alive for.


4 thoughts on “Assault Rifles: To Ban or Not to Ban”

  1. You’re options are so freaking ridiculous. “a) Arm the teachers in schools, or at least have the school guarded by an armed police person. If a killer would happen to get in, someone should be armed and ready to take that person down.” Research the cost on this. For god sakes, imagine the cost! Taxes will increase. Schools will close because they can’t afford to do this. Many teachers are liberal and many won’t want to carry a gun. Less teacher, less education. Parents who don’t want armed guards in the school will pull their children out of schools. Children who will be angry, and lonely. Who could become a angry criminal. If there’s only one armed guard that criminal (who usually does research into things) kills him first. Then he’s dead and everyone else is dead.

    “b) Perform psych evaluations on people who are trying to buy guns that seem like they could be a threat”. Now, SEEM like they could be a threat. How judgmental and how are you going to tell someone is mentally ill. By looking at them? Ok if that’s so then why is the evaluation necessary. Then by your theory on criminals being able to get the guns anyway, same thing! These crazy people are also able to get a gun whenever too.

    “c) Make gun safes essential in homes, perhaps lower the price of them so that guns can be locked up more easily”. If you have your gun under lock and key how is that going to protect you? If a criminal comes into your house chances are you’re not going to be ready for it, correct? So having them in a safe is almost pointless. Unless the there’s raid of the government. If that happens, You’re dead sorry but that’s reality. GONE DEAD BOOOM! They have tanks, yeah try to use an assault rifle in your untrained hands. That will help.

    “d) Parents need to teach their kids gun safety if they have guns around. Teach them that guns are not toys”. Alright, how we going to regulate people talking to their kids about this. I believe on half of Americans talk to their kids about sex. Yeah that works seeing how we have teen pregnancy shows on T.V. Then, no toys with guns. No superhero movies with guns, no movies with guns, no video games with guns, no cartoons with guns. yes they have ratings on these…but again according to your theory, doesn’t matter they can still get their hand on this. Children still play call of duty and shoot em’ up games.

    Talking about China is point less. This is not China. This is the USA.

    1. If it was standard that a guard was at all schools, the parents would either have to allow their child to be safe or homeschool them because those are the only two options then. I doubt after a mass shooting that parents would mind having a police person standing guard making sure no psycho comes in to the school. Also, not all teachers would have to carry, they could have the option, but then if a psycho gets in and they can’t defend, they will probably wish they did have a handgun at least to try. But if an armed person was outside, I doubt they would need the gun.

      If you’re worried about people being offended that someone may deem them to be mentally unfit, the you shouldn’t go to a bar either. Because once you become mentally unfit to consume alcohol, you’ll be asked to no longer drink and perhaps leave. If someone comes into a gun shop and wants a gun you can refuse them. It’s hard if they pass the background check, but if someone went into a gun shop talking about how they wanted to kill their mom, I’m sure the salesperson wouldn’t sell to them. My theory of them getting guns stems from private sales, not gun shops. Private sales don’t do background checks unless they use a dealer as a liaison.

      You can have a gun safe loaded with assault rifles, rifles and hand guns. You can also have one of each strategically placed in your house out of sight of children as your first line of defense, but you can lock the rest up. That way, if a psycho would break in, you have your first line of defense, and then they would have to try extremely hard to get the rest of your arsenal.

      If you have a gun, teach your kid the proper way to use it. Let them know of the safety precautions. Let them know they are used for protection. I don’t think I ever had anything but a water gun as a kid, but I was always told that I had to be careful and realize that shooting isn’t a game. Real life is different. And my mom didnt even own a real gun. There are ways to teach children, some people are just lazy parents when it comes to owning a gun and not teaching their kids how to be careful. I don’t think there should be any toy guns that resemble real weapons. Like nerf guns and big water guns.. Okay, but things that actually resemble a functioning gun, no. I was never allowed to play with those because I was taught that shooting isn’t a game.

  2. My wife is an elementary school music teacher, and my daughter attends that same school. When the Sandy Hook shooting happened, there were a multitude of emotions boiling inside me. I was, and still am, dumbfounded as to how anyone could consciously end the life of even one small child. What really hit home, however, was the fact that the demographics of Sandy Hook Elementary and the school where my wife and daughter spend their days are practically identical.

    That next Monday, while the country was still reeling, it was a great comfort to me to know that all of the classrooms have doors made of steel that are locked from the inside, that all of the exterior doors, save the one leading to the main office, will not open from the outside, and that a sheriff’s deputy, complete with a side arm and a bullet proof vest, is there long before the first teacher shows up and stays until long after all of the students have gone. But not just the school that my daughter attends. No, all of the schools in our county have armed resource officers at their disposal, every day of the week.

    An SRO is more than just an armed guard, waiting for trouble to happen. Work like that would become drudgery very quickly. “Officer Aubrey,” as she’s known at our school, is as much a part of the education of our children as the teachers or principals. One could say that we are lucky to have her, but luck had nothing to do with it. It was a conscious and concerted choice of our community to incorporate police officers into our education system, long before we were forced to come to terms with the previously-ludicrous idea that some crazy man might walk into our school with machines in his hands that were made for the express purpose of killing human beings.

    This issue has more facets to it than any one person has the ability to see at one time. I would never presume to say, “This is what should be done.” However, I do know having a very visual police presence in our schools has worked for our community for quite some time now.

    I don’t think the national conversation about gun violence will come to a conclusion any time soon. At least, I hope it doesn’t. A quick solution would yield minimal results, and this one needs our full attention.

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