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Sex and the Small Town

Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character that is a positive role model for fierce females everywhere. She writes about love and sex without any reservations and keeps her tremendous three best friends by her side. Each of them are extremely independent and driven individuals.

Throughout the seasons of the show, the girls go through their fair share of men. Perhaps the most famous for going through men is Samantha because she went through quite a few, sometimes more than one in a given episode. However, when the show ended and the movie talk began, everyone had a pretty solid idea of where the girls lives were heading.

The land of love.

And that’s exactly what happened. By the end of both movies, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte were married and Samantha was…. Still Samantha even though she spent most of movie one in a relationship.

Now the girls did see their ups and downs in their relationships but ultimately they did find the love they had been looking for. And that is totally awesome. Each girl manages to stay true to herself; they are still the fearless females everyone saw in the show, but they finally got love to compliment their personalities. Well, Samantha had many loves, but that’s just who Samantha is.

So where does that leave the females of this planet? Do they embrace being single? Do they seek out companionship? What is a girl to do in this world where so many people try and tell her what to do?

It’s simple: Be Fun, Be Fabulous, Be Unforgettable.

The single life has its perks. A woman can do anything she wants. She can buy herself dresses and heels. She can go get her nails done. She can go out and flirt with many guys with no commitment.

To some women, this lifestyle seems extremely desirable. Some women will forego being in a relationship just to keep that lifestyle.

However, the trick to being in a relationship like the SATC girls is quite easy: You keep the same rules as the singles, but you stay faithful to your sweetie.

Women in relationships don’t have to give up their independence or individuality to be in a healthy relationship. Life isn’t about promoting being eternally single or being eternally monogamous, it’s about promoting being human.

Realistically, it’s quite easy to be a
Sex and the City woman. A woman can easily be herself and have a relationship if she doesn’t let herself get lost along the way. Women in the world need to ban together to build each other up. Women aren’t split into singles and not singles, women are women. It’s easy to try and talk down to a woman who is happy being single. One can say she isn’t trying hard enough or that she is a prude. It’s just as easy to fault a woman for being in a relationship and being faithful to her beau. It’s also easy to say that women in relationships aren’t as strong as those that choose to be single.

A woman is strong, no matter which venture she may choose. All women should be promoting each other, single or not.

It has been said that men and women are not meant to be alone, and that is something to be taken into consideration. However, when a woman knows who she is, she knows what man or woman is perfect for her. It’s possible to know yourself at 20, it’s also possible a woman may not find herself until she is 35. People need to remember that taking the plunge for love is quite complicated and scary. In one way people see being single as scary, but a relationship is scary as well. Neither the single life or a relationship is for the fearful, both choices present an interesting set of issues and obstacles.

But either way, all women need to encourage each other on their journeys through life. Neither route is easy….

But eventually both routes are necessary.

Celebrate the independence. Celebrate your inner SATC chick.

And celebrate it with a man (or woman) that truly cares.