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Born To Be Brave

“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.”

For years the Disney company has dominated the world with its movies, theme parks and values. One of the most prominent parts of the Disney company is the Disney Princess.

Officially there are ten Disney princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, Pocahontas, Tiana, Mulan, Belle and Rapunzel. Each one has their own story and personality, but they are each either a princess by birth or marry the prince. From a young age girls are taught to believe in true love and that the perfect prince will come along.

But love isn’t always perfect; it takes patience and understanding. Disney shows the romance, but it rarely shows what happens after the honeymoon.

Disney has broadened its horizons in the last fifteen years, give or take a few years. Jasmine went against her expectations and married for love instead of settling for any old prince that came her way. Pocahontas gave up her love to allow him to heal and to lead her people. Mulan kicked some serious butt and saved China from the Huns, even though females are not regarded well in that culture. Tiana got her dream restaurant and worked hard to get what she deserved in a time when things were not easy for her race. Rapunzel ventured out and reclaimed her crown and saved her prince’s life.

The common denominator in all ten princesses is that they do end up with the prince.

What happened to women’s rights and being independent?

Enter Princess Merida, who one can only hope will be added to the official line up.

Merida is unlike her counterparts: she has fiery red hair that is constantly untamed, she is an archer and likes to hunt and, most importantly…

She is in no rush to be married and find her prince.

That is certainly a deviation from the traditional princess little girls are used to, and quite frankly, that’s an excellent thing. Girls need positive role models, and while finding love is a normal part of life….

It isn’t the only thing worth finding in this life. It gives the girls that are lonely some charisma because they can finally realize that it’s okay to be your own person first. If a girl can value herself and find her own niche, she can survive in the world and she can do it on her own.

Merida does not have perfectly flowing hair, which gives all those girls that wake up every morning pleading for perfection someone to relate to. Curls aren’t perfect; they go whichever way they please and expand in the humidity. Finally, an imperfect hair-do on a princess where so frequently perfection is seen.

Merida shows the world that in order to be strong, she needs to find herself, and no man can do that for her. Merida gives all the girls that think they aren’t perfect some hope that beauty is more than superficial things. Merida shows all those single females that it’s okay to be single because you can still do anything you want and live fully.

Disney should make Merida an official princess if the company hasn’t decided to already. It’s time that the females of the world have a non-traditional princess to look up to. Love is an amazing and powerful thing in this world. If a girl finds her true love, then it’s a great thing.

But as Merida showed the world,

It’s not the only thing.


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