Some Things Are Certain

One year can change a person’s whole life.

I remember being a freshman at DuBois Central Catholic High School and sitting in Biology with Mrs. Chollock.  When I think of the class, I don’t remember the various organisms I studied.  Granted, I did do a lot of things like:  I dissected pigs and frogs, made DNA out of gum drops, learned about cyanobacteria and grew bacteria.  But I remember her saying something that stuck with me more than any of those things,

“Nothing is as sure as change.”

She said it numerous times throughout the duration of the school year. However, I didn’t understand the gravity of the statement until I journeyed into adulthood.  This brings me to the subject of a year and how a year can change things.

Many people have heard of the musical “Rent.” There is a whole song devoted to measuring a year. There are 525,600 minutes. There are seasons.

One year.

I didn’t picture my life where it is now a year ago. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted, but I do know that I have changed a lot this year.

People change and sometimes that can be good or bad, but nonetheless it’s part of growing up.  The late nights spent pouring out feelings to friends can sometimes disappear. Driving around town just to get out of the house is replaced by sleep because of heavy work schedules.  Talking about dreams and hopes on Saturday nights doesn’t happen anymore because the other person is changing his or her life.  People change: They grow up, they grow out…

Sometimes, they grow apart….

Part of growing up is changing. Sometimes you realize that the things you wanted when you were 19 are not the things you want now. Sometimes the friends you have realize they want different things too.  Sometimes friendships get put on the back burner to make dreams come true.

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that people will come and go. That, like change, is certain. Some people stay, but nonetheless, people will always be going out of your life. It’s just how it is. Some people come in and stay for a while…

I fell in love over this past year and I didn’t think that was possible.

I had to learn how to be a girlfriend, and even over a year into the relationship, I’m still learning every day.  Some days I am really good at it, and other days, I am terrible at it.

But that’s one relationship I don’t want to go away, and I’m hoping that it never does. Though, I could be bold and say I’m secure and that it’s not going anywhere, but then I would be lying slightly.

Relationships change people. Dreams change people. And when you can find someone that doesn’t want you to change your dreams, you should hang on to them. I am lucky enough to have someone that does not want me to change my dreams and encourages me every day to go after them.

Hold on to those dreams and the people that support them. Be content with those that go after their own dreams and can’t be there for your dreams. Change is inevitable, but sadly, it is necessary. Don’t be apprehensive to change, because there is no stopping it. Get used to changes, because just when you think you know someone, they will change.

Be okay with change, and expect the unexpected. Otherwise, life will never be truly meaningful.


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