The Virginity Disease

Sex, Sex, Sex!

It seems nowadays everything people hear about has to do with sex.   If you’re not having it, then you want to be.  If you’re having it, you don’t want to be having it.

Good Sex. Bad Sex.  Uncommitted Sex.  Friends with Benefits. Hooking Up. There is a name for every type of sex that goes on in the world.

I just have one question.

What about the virgins?

Being a single 21-year-old female, who just happens to be a virgin, in State College is tough.  It seems everywhere I go there is sex following me or staring me in the face.  I hear about girls hooking up with random guys all the time, and vice versa.  And yet, here I sit, a virgin among a sea of swarming hormones.

And most days I ask myself, “Is it those people that are weird, or is it me?” And by those people, I mean the ones that just go around screwing anything that walks.

People are having sex younger and younger as time goes by.  I sometimes joke with my roommates that babies are going to eventually come out of the womb humping.  I know 13-15 year olds that feel pressured to have sex.  When I was 13, I just discovered the male gender, and I most certainly did not want to sleep with it.

So what’s a 21-year-old female to do? Do I sit around waiting for the perfect person to give myself to, or do I just get it over with? Both of these questions run through my mind and I can say that there really is no perfect answer.

Sex isn’t a gift anymore or a rite of passage.  Hell, it’s not even something only people that are in love do.  When did sex become a game?

And if it’s just a game, why am I not playing?

Maybe I am weird.  People have told me I’m the marrying type and not the hooking up type, as if the marrying type is some kind of disease you have; virginity is some sort of disease you have.  I always hear back-handed comments about my ‘disease.’  And sometimes it gets me to the point where I think I’ll be a virgin forever, and that someday there will be a movie made about me.  I told my mother last week to buy me a diamond encrusted purity ring so that I could at least make my disease cool and worth some money.

So do I lose it, or do I keep it?

Well I’m used to being the ‘weird’ girl.  So really being singled out is nothing new for me.  I haven’t met anyone I’m willing to share my ‘disease’ with because I’d like to think that there is someone out there that’s worth giving it to.

Then again, maybe I’m wrong and no one wants my ‘disease’ and I should just join a convent now.

Nonetheless, I think I’ll keep it for now, I mean, it’s just a disease, right?


2 thoughts on “The Virginity Disease”

  1. I am 21 1/2 still a virgin! haha it’s no desease. Its special, like a unicorn! We limit ourselves to just PA… but we need to consider the world of virgins….there’s allot of us. It will be ok, and at least you won’t get an un wanted pregnancy or a crazy STD!

  2. I commend and encourage you. Perhaps the world’s obsession with unmarried sex is the real disease. It is not the satisfying thing or the answer to all problems that the world presents it to be. It certainly has destroyed countless lives – the lives of both adults and the unborn. You are not strange. You can be sure that there are many young men who feel the same. The Bible- based churches are full of them.

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