Life Lessons

Individuality and Lady Gaga

Most people find it increasingly difficult to fit in these days.

So, I ask, “Why even bother?”

Individuality is something to be idolized.  Individuality is one of the best gifts one can ever give to his or herself.  Individuality is a prized possession.  And yet…

Individuality is often frowned upon.

I have always had a niche for liking Disney characters.  I can tell you anything about every movie.  I have pink Disney Princess sheets on my bed.  I have Princess Posters in my room, along with a Disney plate collection.  I also like Harry Potter, and have posters of the movies in my room.

So naturally people think I need to grow up.

However, I refuse to do that.

What is wrong with individuality? Why is it that people spend so much time trying to fit in with everyone else?  And why does society make fun of those that show their individuality?

There’s nothing wrong with individuality. People try and fit in because they are afraid of how great they can be. People are looked down upon for being individuals because others are afraid of change.

But, if we don’t change, then we can’t grow.

While I was browsing the internet, I found an article on one of my favorite entertainers, Lady Gaga.  The article had comments by various people saying how “untalented” and “attention seeking” she is.  I do believe that people are entitled to their own opinions.  But, she’s an individual.  She prides herself in being herself, and that’s a beautiful thing. People should admire her strength to be able to stand out; that’s what all people should be doing.

Fitting isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  If you have to change yourself to be with a friend, that person is not your friend.  Truthfully, we need more people like Lady Gaga.  The world needs a spice of life and needs a glimmer of hope. That spice and glimmer can only be attained with individuality.  The world needs change.  People should be progressing instead of digressing.

Be Yourself.

Just remember this: People tend to be scared of individuals; they’re scared of what they can accomplish.  There may be safety in numbers, but there is danger, passion and excitement in individuality.


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